Computer Monitoring

Monitoring also includes Patch Management

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Keeping up with everything your computer needs or wants can be overwhelming.  Random error messages and programs crashing for no reason and constant updates to who knows what.

Let us monitor your computer and receive faster repairs, quick access to support, and a higher quality of service overall.

Understanding the icons


List of Triggers

  • HDD SMART Failure
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
  • Problem in Device Manager
  • Low Drive Space
  • Firewall Disabled
  • Application Crash
  • Defrag Needed
  • No Antivirus
  • Custom Timer

HDD SMART Failure – Runs a standard SMART test on the system drive
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) – Checks logs for any BSOD occurrences since last scan
Problem in Device Manager – Checks for any installed devices with any status other than “This device is working properly.”
Low Drive Space – Checks for “low storage” space (defined as less than 15% free space) on the system drive
Firewall Disabled – Checks Windows Firewall state and report if it is disabled
Application Crash – Checks for application crash logs
Defrag Needed – Checks WMI DefragAnalysis to see if a defragmentation is needed
No Antivirus – Checks Security Center for an installed Antivirus software
Custom Timer – The customer can receive a recurring alert saying “Just checking in, feel free to let us know if you have any questions”. This message is sent every 90 days.

Patch Management:

Patch Management allows for technicians to automatically keep their customers’ Windows operating system and 3rd party applications up to date and install new programs.

List of some popular applications that can be managed

  • Adobe AIR
  • Adobe Flash Player Active X
  • Adobe Flash Player Plugin
  • Adobe Flash Player PPAPI
  • Adobe Reader
  • CCleaner
  • CDBurnerXP
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • FileZilla
  • Foxit Reader
  • Gimp
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Drive
  • Inkscape
  • Irfan View
  • iTunes
  • JDK8
  • JRE8
  • LibreOffice
  • MalwareBytes
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • NodeJS
  • Notepad++
  • Opera
  • Pidgin
  • Quicktime
  • Silverlight
  • Skype
  • Steam
  • Sublime Text 3
  • TeamViewer
  • TightVNC
  • TortoiseSVN
  • Thunderbird
  • VLC
  • Web of Trust for IE
  • WinRAR
  • WinScp